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e-Learning refers to learning that is delivered over the public Internet, a corporate Intranet, Local Area Network (LAN), CD-ROM, PDA, pocket computer, or any other technology-based device.  

e-Learning often employs multimedia elements - audio, video, animation, and photographic/3-D images - and highly interactive online activities to create a powerful and engaging learning environment.  

Many corporations are migrating significant portions of their training to
e-learning because of the effectiveness of this learning method, tremendous cost savings, 24/7 availability of this training, ability to track the performance of the learners using this training, and the high degree of learner satisfaction with this learning method.

Pinnacle Performance is a premier developer of custom e-learning applications. We have worked with a wide variety of companies to develop highly effective and successful e-learning, and can help your company with your e-learning needs.