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One of the primary ways you can determine if online learning is successful is by electronically tracking the results of the learners. These results are typically tracking via a Learning Management System or LMS.  

LMSs can track the number of learners who participate in a course, the length of time each learner spends in a course, each learners' scores on course tests, and what courses a learner has completed. LMSs can also track course prerequisites, course evaluations, learner curriculums, total training hours for each learner, and other learning information.  

Pinnacle Performance programs the custom e-learning courses we develop so they seamlessly integrate with the client's specific LMS. We have integrated courses with most of the major LMS tools available and have also worked with clients to develop custom LMS tools.  

We program our courses to be SCORM-compliant and have the expertise to ensure our courses will integrate with your delivery platform.